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Index of GCSE Physics Videos


Matter | GCSE

- Models of the Atom

- Weight and Mass

- Atomic Structure


Thermodynamics | GCSE

- Thermal Physics and Camping

- Specific Heat Capacity Exam Question

- Conduction, Convection and Radiation

- Heat and Temperature

- Specific Latent Heat Exam Question

- Conduction, Convection and Radiation Exam Question


Motion | GCSE

- What's the acceleration of a drag racer?

- Motion in a Circle

- Mountain Bike Physics - Momentum

- Crude Video Analysis

- Calculating Acceleration

- Measuring and Calculating Average Speed

- Distance vs Time Graph Exam Question

- Vectors and Equations of Motion

- Projectile Motion Exam Question

- Combining Vectors Exam Question

- Projectile Motion

- Momentum vs Kinetic Energy

- Conservation of Momentum

- Velocity Acceleration and Stopping Distance Exam Question

- Distance vs Time Graphs and Calculating with Speed Exam Question

- Momentum

- Velocity and Acceleration

- Motion Graphs


Forces | GCSE

- Air Resistance - Skiiing Physics

- Stability - Skiing Physics

- Crumple Zones and Car Safety Features

- Hydraulic Systems - Force Multipliers

- Moments - Turning Effects of Forces

- Mountain Bike Physics - Moments, Pedals and Gears

- Mountain Bike Physics - Hydraulic Brakes

- Mountain Bike Physics - Suspension

- Action and Reaction Forces with Primrose Kitten

- Rocket Science

- Car Safety Features Exam Question

- Forces and Motion Exam Question

- Terminal Velocity Exam Question

- Car Safety and Crash Tests Exam Question

- Terminal Velocity Exam Question

- Hooke's Law Exam Question

- Hooke's Law

- Terminal Velocity

- Forces and Braking

- Newton's Laws


Waves | GCSE

- The Electromagnetic Spectrum, Properties and Uses

- Reflection, Refraction and Diffraction in the Ripple Tank

- Wave Speed Equation

- Total Internal Reflection

- Dispersion of Light into the Visible Spectrum

- The Law of Reflection

- Wave Quantities and Transverse and Longitudinal Waves

- Snell's Law of Refraction

- Reuben's Tube and Sound Waves

- Ultrasound, Longitudinal Waves and the Wave Speed Equation

- Interference Patterns

- Electromagnetic Spectrum Exam Question

- Microwaves and Infrared Exam Question

- UV Light Exam Question

- Diffraction and Communicating with Waves Exam Question

- Refraction and Dispersion of Light Exam Question

- Radiotherapy Exam Question

- Double Slit Diffraction Interference Patterns Exam Question

- Ultrasound and Comparing Waves Exam Question

- Optics

- Montreal Protocol, CFCs and the Ozone Layer Exam Question

- The Electromagnetic Spectrum Exam Question

Electricity | GCSE

- Current and Voltage in Series and Parallel Circuits

- Potential Dividers

- Circuit Components and their Symbols

- Logic Gates

- Ohm's Law

- Ohm's Law

- Logic Gates and Truth Tables Exam Question

- Logic Gates and Relay Circuits Exam Question

- LDRs and Potential Dividers Exam Question

- DC Circuits Exam Question

- Mains Electricity, Fuses and Double Insulated Devices Exam Question

- Static Electricity and its Uses Exam Question

- Static Electricity and Potential Difference

- Current and Voltage Graph for a Filament Bulb Exam Question

- Ohm's Law Exam Question


Electromagnetism | GCSE

- AC-DC Rectification, Diodes and Capacitors

- Generators

- Transformers

- DC Motors Exam Question

- Motors

- Magnetic Field around a Current Carrying Wire


Nuclear | GCSE

- Alpha, Beta and Gamma - Ionisation and Penetration

- Uses of Ionising Radiation

- Interpreting Data on Radiation Exam Question

- Half-Life, Alpha Decay and Sources of Radiation Exam Question

- Radioactivity, Uses and Safety Exam Question

- Radiation Doses Exam Question

- Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Half Life

- Fission and Fusion


Energy | GCSE

- Hydroelectric Power Energy Stores and Transfers

- Energy in Skiing - transferring GPE to KE

- Physics of Roller-coasters - Conversion of GPE to KE

- Nuclear Power Stations

- Geothermal Power Station

- Electrical Power

- GPE to KE Conversion Exam Question

- Comparing Cars Exam Question

- Electrical Power Exam Question

- Pumped Storage Power Station Exam Question

- Power Stations and the National Grid Exam Question

- Transformers and Electricity Distribution Exam Question

- Kinetic Energy

- Comparing Cars Exam Question

- Electrical Power and Paying for Electricity Exam Question

- Photocells / Solar Cells / Photovoltaic Cells Exam Question

- AC Generators and Power Stations Exam Question

- Efficiency and Sankey Diagrams Exam Question

- Kinetic Energy Exam Question


Space | GCSE

- The Big Bang Theory

- Threats to Earth Exam Question

- Orbits

- The Solar System

- Satellites, Orbits and Uses Exam Question

- The Solar System and Near Earth Objects Exam Question

- Life Cycle of Stars Exam Question

- The Life Cycle of Stars


General, Practical and Exam Skills | GCSE

- Can you answer these?  Types of GCSE Questions in Physics

- RTFQ, the most important bit of exam technique

- Smart Phone Physics - Physics App "GCSE 2016"

- Smart Phone Physics - GCSE Bitesize Revision App

- How to get a grade 8 or 9 in GCSE Physics

- How to get a grade 5 in GCSE Physics

- Use your equations!

- Powers of Ten Error!

- Inaccurate Definitions!

- Show your working!

- Rounding Errors!

- Know your Units!

- Answering Physics Questions

- Command Words

- Revising

- Know your Syllabus

- Using Equations in GCSE Physics

- Experiments



Index of A Level Physics Videos


Mechanics | A Level

- Resultant Forces Exam Question

- Projectile Motion Exam Question

- Moments and Newton's Laws Exam Question

- Vector Triangles Exam Question

- SI Base Units Exam Question

- Motion Graphs Exam Question

- Range of a Ski Jump Projectile Algebra

- Free Fall Exam Question

- Acceleration and Newton's Laws Exam Question

- Acceleration due to Free Fall Exam Question

- Hooke's Law and Elastic Strain Energy

- Moments and Centre of Mass

- Ten Mechnics and Materials Multiple Choice Questions

- Newton's Laws of Motion

- Vectors in 2D (coplanar vectors)

- Projectiles

- Equations of Linear Motion

- SI Quantities, Units, Prefixes and Vectors


DC Electricity | A Level

- Resistivity Exam Question

- Potential Dividers Exam Question

- DC Circuits Exam Question

- RMS Voltage Exam Question

- Resistivity Exam Question

- LDRs Mosfets and Potential Dividers - Sensing Circuits

- Max Power Theorem, with Calculus

- Voltage vs Current Graphs

- Power Equations, Deriving Equations

- Kirchhoff's Laws


Materials | A Level

- Viscous Drag Exam Question

- Stress Strain Graphs Exam Question

- Young Modulus of Bone Exam Question

- Young Modulus

- Stoke's Force and Terminal Velocity

- Solid Material Properties Exam Question

- Temperature and Viscosity Exam Question


Waves | A Level

- Polarisation Exam Question

- Optics Exam Question

- Standing Waves Exam Question

- Magnifying Glass Exam Question

- Refraction Exam Question

- Optics Exam Question

- Reflection, Refraction and Diffraction in the Ripple Tank

- Total Internal Reflection

- Snell's Law of Refraction

- Using an Oscilloscope to Measure Frequency and Amplitude

- Interference Patterns


Quantum | A Level

- Quantum Exam Question

- Photoelectric Effect - Experiment to Measure Planck's Constant

- Is light a wave or a particle?  The Photoelectric Effect


Further Mechanics | A Level

- Conservation of Energy Exam Question

- Carving - Centripetal Forces and Circular Motion in Skiing


Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM) | A Level

- SHM Exam Question

- Damping and SHM Exam Question

- SHM Exam Question

- Standing Waves in Pipes - Kundt's Tube

- Standing Waves on Guitar Strings

- Chladni Plates - Standing Waves in 2D

- Barton's Pendulums - Resonance and Forced Oscillations

- Earthquake Simulator


Particle Physics | A Level

- How does the electron gun work?  Thermionic Emission and Particle Acceleration

- CERN, Particle Accelerators, Detectors and the Internet

- Particle Physics Exam Question

- Particle Physics Exam Question

- CERN - A Story of Discovery

- Feynmann Diagrams and Fundamental Interactions

- Conservation Laws in Particle Physics

- Useful Equations in Particle Physics

- Principles of Detection

- Particle Accelerators

- Fundamental Forces

- Hadrons

- The Standard Model


Electromagnetism | A Level

- Faraday and Lenz Law Exam Question

- Capacitors Exam Question

- Eddy Current Braking

- Transformers and EMF Exam Question

- Electric Fields Exam Question

- Capacitor Discharge and Exponential Decay

- Force on a Current Carrying Wire in Earth's Magnetic Field


Nuclear | A Level

- Nuclear Physics - Mas-Energy Equivalence Exam Question

- Rutherford Scattering Exam Question


Gravitational Fields | A Level

- Work Done in Orbit

- Inverse Square Law Exam Question


Thermal Physics | A Level

- Thermal Physics Exam Question

- Gas Laws Exam Question

- The Laws of Thermodynamics

- Deriving the Ideal Gas Law

- Applying the Ideal Gas Law


Astrophysics | A Level

- The Universe Exam Question

- Herzsprung Russell Diagrams Exam Question

- Standard Candle Exam Question

- Stellar Evolution - the Life Cycle of Stars


Core Practicals | A Level

- Designing an Experiment Exam Question

- Evaluating and Refining Practicals Exam Question

- Graph Skills Exam Question

- Improving Experiments Exam Question

- EMF and Internal Resistance Exam Question

- Estimating and Uncertainties Exam Question

- Anomalies and Advantages Exam Question

- Capacitor Discharge Practical

- Measuring Absolute Zero in the Lab - Charles's Law Practical

- Specific Latent Heat of Water Practical

- Speed of Sound Practical

- Standing Wave Practical

- Measuring Gravitational Acceleration by Free Fall Practical

- Errors, Percentage Uncertainties and Compound Errors

- Measuring Internal Resistance Practical

- Resistivity of a Wire Practical


General and Exam Skills | A Level

- Synoptic Fields Exam Question

- Power Laws and Logs Exam Question

- Fields, SHM and Circular Motion Exam Question

- Important News for New A Levels, General and Practical Exams

- Smart Phone Physics - "Pocket Physics" Revision App

- Smart Phone Physics - Khan Academy Revision App

- Smart Phone Physics - "Learn Physics" Revision App

- How to get an A in A Level Physics

- How to get a C in A Level Physics

- Smart Phone Physics - Phyphox Data Logging and Experiments

- Video Analysis - "Tracker" and Projectile Motion

- Smart Phone Physics - Data Logging

- Smart Phone Physics - Video Analysis

- Answering Physics Questions

- Command Words

- Revising

- Know your Syllabus

- Mr Elmore's Top Exam Tips