Kit Betts-Masters

Keeping on top of the Workload - Students and Teachers!

I released a video for year 12 and 13 with study tips on staying on top of the workload for A Level Physics and it got me thinking about teacher workload, I guess that's a pretty hot topic right now.


This morning I saw a GIF on twitter or facebook, a man squeegee-ing the waves on a beach, the text read "teachers trying to cope with workload be like..."  That's funny, and I do feel like that sometimes, but the reality is often that I've just got too many small tasks to deal with, too many to think about at once, and this is pretty stressful.  Usually an hour at my desk clears the backlog and I feel a bit freer to think creatively, which is where I feel at my most satisfied.



I'm going to be unpopular for saying this, but I do not feel overworked.  I also feel very well remunerated for what I do and I feel a great deal of pride about being a teacher and a head of subject.  I feel like I do a good job and am appreciated by those above and below me and by staff and students.  I say this and yet I do absolutely know that pressures in education are horrendous right now.


1.  Students are difficult, but this is not new.

2.  The government have moved the goalposts, this is not new.

3.  We operate on a tight budget and sometimes cannot afford the resources we would ideally like.


My response to all this is about mindset.  These three points can become:


1.  We have a challenging job, which is exciting.

2.  Change keeps us fresh.

3.  We provide a high value for money service.


And know this, when you wonder if you should stay in the classroom:  You are the resource in demand!  You are a professional who is capable of prioritising important from not so much.  Go into work with your head held high and do the best damn job that you can, and leave with pride knowing that you have done just that.


Anyway, I hope that helps and is not just... patronising!  If you have anymore tips for A Level Students, why not hop over to this video on YouTube and comment your top 3 tips for efficient study?!  I know they will really appreciate the advice.


Whatever you do this week do it with pride.