Kit Betts-Masters

Recommended Books for GCSE and A Level Physics


I get asked quite a lot which text books I recommend students to buy.

So here they are!

These are the latest editions updated for the latest specifications.


IMHO you will want a general text book and an exam board specific guide.


General Text Books

My highest recommended textbook for GCSE Physics is Physics for You.  This is the latest edition for the new 9-1 GCSEs.  Although it is not exam board specific, the explanations are the best and it covers everything you need to know.  The questions are tailored to exam boards.


For A Level Physics, the best general textbook is Advanced Physics for You.  Again this is the latest edition, revised for the current 2015 A Levels and covers everything in every specification.  There are questions tailored to each exam board.


Exam Board Specific Guides

I do think that the CGP revision guides are the best ones, I think that sometimes the diagrams are a little childish, and it annoys me that they seem to underline every single word!  But they are thorough, are trusted by students and schools and are written in an accessible way.

Buy the packs that give you guide, exam practice and the practice exam papers:





AQA 9-1: Complete Revision and Practice


OCR Gateway 9-1: Guide. Exam Practice. Answers.


OCR 21st Century 9-1: Guide. Exam Practice. Answers.


Edexcel 9-1 Complete Revision and Practice


iGCSE  Complete Revision and Practice


I also really like the look of these grade 8-9 targeted revision books, definitely one for you if you are aiming for the top grades!


They also make these nice ten minute test books, which are good if you struggle to fit in long periods of revision.


I also found this GCSE Physics Lab Book going through required practicals for the AQA GCSE which I thought was a pretty good idea.


Lastly for GCSE if you struggle with handling the maths then this book might be the most useful: 9-1 Sciences Essential Maths Skills



A Level


Edexcel A Level Physics Complete Revision and Practice


AQA A Level Physics Complete Revision and Practice


OCR A Level Physics Complete Revision and Practice


I really like the maths skills book as well as there’s so much challenging maths in A Level Physics!

I also think the lab books that give you all the detail that you need to learn about the core practicals for the exams and to pass the practical endorsement are a really good idea: Edexcel  AQA  OCR



Make sure you’ve got a decent calculator!  Not just the hand-me down from your older sibling!  You need the modern functionality and you need it not to die at an important time!  To be honest the Casios are the best, this is the standard one, the fx-85GT and this is the flash one (this is the one I use, it does loads of awesome things.)  Maybe you want a blue one or a pink one?



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