A Level Physics


Kit Betts-Masters

Particle Physics


Without a doubt my favourite topic in all of A Level Physics!


The search for the fundamental captivated me when I was a student, and now I love teaching it.  You'll discover the Standard Model, which is like our periodic table for Physics, our latest and best model to explain how fundamental particles interact and come together to be all the matter that we see around us.  You'll learn the four fundamental forces; gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear and weak nuclear, and the particles which we call bosons, which carry them; the graviton, the photon, the gluon, and the W and Z bosons.


You'll discover how the energy frontiers, quantum boundaries were broken, how our conception of the fundamental has changed over time, as you learn the principles behind particle acceleration and detection.


You'll learn a lot of the satisfying rules, patterns and symmetries that govern this 10-15m universe, and how matter and antimatter are created and are annihilated.  It's the type of stuff that seems complicated at first but in fact has some straightforward principles which if you learn well will help you solve any problem they can throw at you.