Kit Betts-Masters

GCSE Physics

Matter - all about the way stuff is

Why do people find this hard?  It's because they aren't used to considering stuff as anything unexplained.  It's there, and it just is that way!  So it seems there's nothing interesting to it!  But then when you think about it, when you consider evidence, you'll find there's a whole lot more going on!


Physics lecturers often resort to holding up whatever's to hand to illustrate their point.  "Take this pen" "think about the atoms in this mug" as if the pen and the mug are anything to be excited about. But you should be fascinated by the pen and the mug!  You need to get to the point where you have an incredibly well constructed understanding of how those invisible, microscopic properties of matter affect the visible, tangible, macroscopic properties and behaviours.






In this topic we'll ask questions of those seemingly obvious things; the cork floats, the steel doesn't; and do experiments which reveal counter-intuitive things; hot copper has less energy in it than cold water.


These seemingly inauspicious things are fundamental if we are to understand much greater, more awe inspiring things!