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GCSE Physics

GCSE Physics is going to be one of the most demanding subjects for you.  You are going to come across a huge number of new concepts and ideas that you are going to have to be fluent at explaining and applying to new contexts.  As well as this you are going to need to apply a wide range of maths skills, some of which will be brand new to you!


But don't worry, you can definitely succeed, with just a little bit of hard work and determination!  You'll find lots of revision videos here to help you and exam walk through videos to show you how to tackle even the most tricky exam questions.  I've also got videos which explain how the key experiments work!


And do you know what, PHYSICS IS AMAZING!  I'm absolutely sure that if you get involved with it you're going to love it!

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Exam Practice


Laws in GCSE Physics


Index of GCSE Physics Videos


Matter | GCSE

- Models of the Atom

- Weight and Mass

- Atomic Structure


Thermodynamics | GCSE

- Thermal Physics and Camping

- Specific Heat Capacity Exam Question

- Conduction, Convection and Radiation

- Heat and Temperature

- Specific Latent Heat Exam Question

- Conduction, Convection and Radiation Exam Question


Motion | GCSE

- What's the acceleration of a drag racer?

- Motion in a Circle

- Mountain Bike Physics - Momentum

- Crude Video Analysis

- Calculating Acceleration

- Measuring and Calculating Average Speed

- Distance vs Time Graph Exam Question

- Vectors and Equations of Motion

- Projectile Motion Exam Question

- Combining Vectors Exam Question

- Projectile Motion

- Momentum vs Kinetic Energy

- Conservation of Momentum

- Velocity Acceleration and Stopping Distance Exam Question

- Distance vs Time Graphs and Calculating with Speed Exam Question

- Momentum

- Velocity and Acceleration

- Motion Graphs


Forces | GCSE

- Air Resistance - Skiiing Physics

- Stability - Skiing Physics

- Crumple Zones and Car Safety Features

- Hydraulic Systems - Force Multipliers

- Moments - Turning Effects of Forces

- Mountain Bike Physics - Moments, Pedals and Gears

- Mountain Bike Physics - Hydraulic Brakes

- Mountain Bike Physics - Suspension

- Action and Reaction Forces with Primrose Kitten

- Rocket Science

- Car Safety Features Exam Question

- Forces and Motion Exam Question

- Terminal Velocity Exam Question

- Car Safety and Crash Tests Exam Question

- Terminal Velocity Exam Question

- Hooke's Law Exam Question

- Hooke's Law

- Terminal Velocity

- Forces and Braking

- Newton's Laws


Waves | GCSE

- The Electromagnetic Spectrum, Properties and Uses

- Reflection, Refraction and Diffraction in the Ripple Tank

- Wave Speed Equation

- Total Internal Reflection

- Dispersion of Light into the Visible Spectrum

- The Law of Reflection

- Wave Quantities and Transverse and Longitudinal Waves

- Snell's Law of Refraction

- Reuben's Tube and Sound Waves

- Ultrasound, Longitudinal Waves and the Wave Speed Equation

- Interference Patterns

- Electromagnetic Spectrum Exam Question

- Microwaves and Infrared Exam Question

- UV Light Exam Question

- Diffraction and Communicating with Waves Exam Question

- Refraction and Dispersion of Light Exam Question

- Radiotherapy Exam Question

- Double Slit Diffraction Interference Patterns Exam Question

- Ultrasound and Comparing Waves Exam Question

- Optics

- Montreal Protocol, CFCs and the Ozone Layer Exam Question

- The Electromagnetic Spectrum Exam Question

Electricity | GCSE

- Current and Voltage in Series and Parallel Circuits

- Potential Dividers

- Circuit Components and their Symbols

- Logic Gates

- Ohm's Law

- Ohm's Law

- Logic Gates and Truth Tables Exam Question

- Logic Gates and Relay Circuits Exam Question

- LDRs and Potential Dividers Exam Question

- DC Circuits Exam Question

- Mains Electricity, Fuses and Double Insulated Devices Exam Question

- Static Electricity and its Uses Exam Question

- Static Electricity and Potential Difference

- Current and Voltage Graph for a Filament Bulb Exam Question

- Ohm's Law Exam Question


Electromagnetism | GCSE

- AC-DC Rectification, Diodes and Capacitors

- Generators

- Transformers

- DC Motors Exam Question

- Motors

- Magnetic Field around a Current Carrying Wire


Nuclear | GCSE

- Alpha, Beta and Gamma - Ionisation and Penetration

- Uses of Ionising Radiation

- Interpreting Data on Radiation Exam Question

- Half-Life, Alpha Decay and Sources of Radiation Exam Question

- Radioactivity, Uses and Safety Exam Question

- Radiation Doses Exam Question

- Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Half Life

- Fission and Fusion


Energy | GCSE

- Hydroelectric Power Energy Stores and Transfers

- Energy in Skiing - transferring GPE to KE

- Physics of Roller-coasters - Conversion of GPE to KE

- Nuclear Power Stations

- Geothermal Power Station

- Electrical Power

- GPE to KE Conversion Exam Question

- Comparing Cars Exam Question

- Electrical Power Exam Question

- Pumped Storage Power Station Exam Question

- Power Stations and the National Grid Exam Question

- Transformers and Electricity Distribution Exam Question

- Kinetic Energy

- Comparing Cars Exam Question

- Electrical Power and Paying for Electricity Exam Question

- Photocells / Solar Cells / Photovoltaic Cells Exam Question

- AC Generators and Power Stations Exam Question

- Efficiency and Sankey Diagrams Exam Question

- Kinetic Energy Exam Question


Space | GCSE

- The Big Bang Theory

- Threats to Earth Exam Question

- Orbits

- The Solar System

- Satellites, Orbits and Uses Exam Question

- The Solar System and Near Earth Objects Exam Question

- Life Cycle of Stars Exam Question

- The Life Cycle of Stars


General, Practical and Exam Skills | GCSE

- Can you answer these?  Types of GCSE Questions in Physics

- RTFQ, the most important bit of exam technique

- Smart Phone Physics - Physics App "GCSE 2016"

- Smart Phone Physics - GCSE Bitesize Revision App

- How to get a grade 8 or 9 in GCSE Physics

- How to get a grade 5 in GCSE Physics

- Use your equations!

- Powers of Ten Error!

- Inaccurate Definitions!

- Show your working!

- Rounding Errors!

- Know your Units!

- Answering Physics Questions

- Command Words

- Revising

- Know your Syllabus

- Using Equations in GCSE Physics

- Experiments