Kit Betts-Masters

Thoughts on the First Week of Term

Engage with your subject and the kids will to...


First week is behind us, it was exciting, and I'm tired, but it was great too.  I loved being in the classroom!   Every student listened and contributed, every student was easily engaged... because I was engaged.


Starting the GCSE course with several classes I was going through the story of the development of the model of the atom that we use today.  I decided to get out and demonstrate an electron diffraction tube, and on thinking about it I could apply it to (almost) every lesson in my week!  I used it to calculate speed in Year 11 energy topic, as an interesting example of diffraction in year 10 waves topic and a demonstration of Thompson's evidence for the plum pudding model of the atom.... I even showed it to my year 11 tutor group as an example of why they should care about sciences!


I can imagine Art teachers with ongoing projects at the front of the class, which they can refer to when they are showing techniques, I imagine English teachers sharing their poetry and allowing their classes to critique it.


I'm not the only teacher who does this I know.  Our Food department are always having their lessons interrupted by the ping of a timer as they pull out something freshly baked to inspire the class as they research their recipes!  But this is just a timely reminder to us at the start of the term to love your subject, be engaged in actually doing Science, doing Geography, doing Physics, and your kids will love your subject too.