A Level Physics


Kit Betts-Masters


Electric and Magnetic Fields

Electric and magnetic fields are inextricably linked.  In fact, as you will have learned in your particle physics topic they are carried by the same fundamental force, the electromagnetic force and its exchange boson, the photon.


There are some crucial rules and laws that you will learn about how the two fields behave and interact.   It's crucial understanding to explain how generators work, how motors, and transformers work.  You'll need to be fluent in applying Coulomb's Law and Faraday's Law of electromagnetic induction, as well as able to explain how a Hall probe works and able to investigate magnetic flux.


They are examples of Force Fields, the maths gets quite complicated at times, but think of it in terms of what would happen if you were to put a particle in the field.  What forces would be exerted on it?  This will help you understand the ideas of field strength, potential and energies.


Lastly we analyse the capacitor, which is a device which stores charge by setting up an electrical field.  We use exponentials to define the trends by which they charge and discharge.  This will likely be the first time you have come across exponential equations in Physics, it is a huge synoptic element in A Level Physics and you need to make sure it is a skill you can do easily.