Kit Betts-Masters


Hi there, my name's Kit Betts-Masters, I've been teaching Physics for ten years.  I have always really enjoyed being in the classroom and sharing my enthusiasm for Physics!


Two years ago I started my YouTube channel "GorillaPhysics" in the hope of sharing some of my teaching with a wider audience.  I'm really pleased with the response from students and teachers alike!  I really love sharing my enthusiasm for Physics beyond my classroom.


I'm now a full time Head of Physics leading a really strong department of teachers.  I've also found a lot of new colleagues to collaborate with via YouTube, check out some of the collaborations in the videos on this page.  Be sure to go ahead and check out their channels too.


Lastly do let me know if you've got any queries or comments.  You can get in touch via YouTube, Twitter or Google+, or you can contact me at kit@gorillaphsyics.com.  :-)


Folks I've collaborated with:

Mr Matheson at A Level Physics Online

Jen at Primrose Kitten

Sebastien at Phyphox

Chris Gozzard

Mr Palmer (and Billy, Bobby and Bo) at Flipping Physics


I'd just like to say that all the images I use are either my own or I've found licensed either public domain or creative commons.  If I've used something that I shouldn't have or not given accreditation then I apologise and let me know and I'll remove it or give credit where I should.

Otherwise everything on the site is my own, including all questions, except exam questions which are from the exam board and only used for improving student's understanding of the way they are going to be examined, I'm never intending making money from these videos.